January 15, 2021


Nadege Ndjebayi

My name is Nadege Ndjebayi, a.k.a “SheBeast.”

Born in Sevran, France, in 1987, I dove into fitness after gaining 75 pounds in 30 days when I visited to New York City. This shocking reality sparked me to shift my daily habits to a healthier fitness lifestyle when I returned home.

I worked diligently as a celebrity trainer in Paris for four years. This gave me a platform and drove me to take my vision to new heights.

One thing led to another, and I was blessed to win the “Diversity Immigrant VISA” lottery, granting me the opportunity to move to Los Angeles, where I now reside. Since moving to Los Angeles, I have developed several celebrity client relationships, hosted events & expanded my fitness movement, and inspired women and all individuals through fitness that you can create the ultimate best version of yourself. You have the potential to strengthen your self-worth.

Female empowerment is what I exude. My love for fellow ladies rests in my assurance that as a whole, women can change all people for the better.

“SheBeast” is my motto, simply because we all have that inner fire that we can bring to the surface through a strong body & sharp mind.
Unlock your “SheBeast” and be your best self.