She-Beast Cleanse by Nadege Ndjebayi

What You Get With The 10-Day Cleanse
3 Herbal Formulas

This 10-Day cleanse comes with 3 herbal formulas to focus on cleansing your Blood, Liver and Colon.

Slim Tea

A refreshing tea with plants that cleanse the tissues and cells of the whole body.

Activated Charcoal

Powdered plant matter that absorbs digestive gas, binds-up unwanted materials and cleanses the body.

Instructional Booklet

A guide to help you through the 10-Day Cleanse with additional tips to enhance your cleansing experience.

The She-Beast Cleanse focuses on cleansing and supporting the body's liver, blood, and colon while helping to increase your energy levels.


Cleanses & Restarts Your Body While Helping You Lose Weight

Strengthens Your Immune System
The immune system protects your body against sickness. By cleansing, you help to support your immune system and improve your energy levels.

Improves Your Digestion
A sluggish metabolic rate causes poor digestion and leads to weight gain. The She-Beast Cleanse will aid in increasing your metabolism to improve energy and overall health.

Weight Loss
Cleansing can help you to shed extra pounds so that you can look and feel your best. A great jump start to a new lifestyle change.

  • Diet

    Everyone agrees that diet is the most important part of weight loss.

  • Exercise

    Movement is what releases waste, helping you to lose weight and tone the body.

  • Water Intake

    Without the right amount of water, your body will not release weight.

  • Supplements

    These help cleanse and feed the body to aid in one's optimal health.


So what are you waiting for? It's time to live a healthier lifestyle so you can live your best life ever!

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